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RESEARCHED ISSUE ANALYSIS ESSAY For this essay, you will write a well-researched analytical essay that examines, explains and analyzes an issue – with multiple, possibly conflicting perspectives. Opportunities for analyzing issues, problems or situations are found in every discipline, workplace and real-life situations. If you are an engineer, a business person, a scientist, a writer or just a voting citizen, you will be called upon to think about, closely examine and often to write documents that analyze in order to understand complicated issues in our professions or our lives. Every day there are complicated issues in current or past events, whether it is to understand the use of drones in modern warfare or the issue of prescription drug abuse on campus, which occupy our minds. Your essay will include background information that readers need to understand the issue as well as analysis of the opinions of various stakeholders* and subtopics of the larger issue. Your goal is to write a coherent, sophisticated analysis that will engage and inform your readers. *Stakeholder: a group of people that is affected by an issue, whether they are potentially harmed by it, stand to gain from it, or their lives or those of people close to them are in some way touched by it Synthesis/Thesis Statement: Your thesis statement should be centered on an inclusive sentence or sentences that provide an overview for the reader and predict what your paper is about. If your issue is the use of prescription
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Issue_Analysis_Essay_Assignment_Sheet - RESEARCHED ISSUE...

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