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Unformatted text preview: Issue Analysis Peer Review Sheet: Draft 1 Name of Writer: Name of Peer Reviewer: First Reading 1. What do you think the main idea of this essay is? 2. What is the authors purpose? Second Reading 1. Does the introduction include all the information it needs for an issue analysis? a. Does it identify an issue? (Remember that an issue is a question that different groups of people answer differently, something that people debate or disagree about.) What is the question that people are debating for this topic? b. Does the introduction identify key stakeholders of the issue (groups of people affected by an issue who represent the various sides of the issue)? Who are the stakeholders? 2. Where exactly does the writer state the thesis? Indicate this on the draft. 3. Does the writer maintain focus on the thesis throughout the essay? Mark on the draft any places that seem to be off topic. 4. Make an outline here that shows the organization of the essay: 5. Is the organization indicated in your outline logical or are there paragraphs that seem out of order? 5....
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Issue_Analysis_Peer_Review_Sheet1 - Issue Analysis Peer...

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