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Place or Event Analysis The Assignment: For your second major essay of English 1001, you will analyze a place or an event. This assignment is tied to your service-learning experience. Students choosing to analyze a place will write about the Battered Women’s Shelter. Students choosing to analyze an event will write about the Take Back the Night Event at LSU on Oct. 23. It will be important for you to record your observations of your service experience. Bring a notebook with you to the shelter or the event. There may be breaks during the day when you can record your observations; if not, write down as many of your observations as you can immediately after your service ends – maybe in your car before you leave the parking lot. One of the keys to success for this assignment will be having detailed notes from which to begin composing your essay. Analyzing a Place: Based on your observations and the information provided by the Battered Women’s Shelter staff, think about the stated and implied functions of the Shelter. Develop an interpretation about the effectiveness of the Shelter as a space in accomplishing its purpose(s). Here are some questions to help you get started: What are the different components of the Shelter space? What function(s) does each component accomplish? How do different components of the place contribute to the official purpose(s) of the Shelter? What other functions does the Shelter provide beyond its official purpose(s)? To answer this question, you will need to use good critical observation skills – what purposes can you infer based on how the space is arranged or how you see the space being used? These might not be the same as the Shelter staff’s stated goals. Who uses the space? Does the design of the space or parts of the space reflect its users in
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Place_or_Event_Analysis - Place or Event Analysis The...

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