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Place/Event Analysis Peer Review Sheet: Draft 1 Name of Writer: Name of Peer Reviewer: First Reading 1. What do you think the main idea of this essay is? 2. What is the author’s purpose? 3. Is it a place or event analysis? Second Reading 1. Does the introduction include all the information it needs for a place or event analysis? Does it tell you what place/event is being analyzed, describe what the place/event is, and then make an analytic claim about the place/event? If not, describe what is missing: 2. Where exactly does the writer state the thesis? Indicate this on the draft. 3. Does the writer maintain focus on the thesis throughout the essay? Mark on the draft any places that seem to be off topic. 4. Make an outline here that shows the organization of the essay: 5. Is the organization indicated in your outline logical or are there paragraphs that seem out of order?
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6. Does the writer use transitions effectively to guide you through the essay? Mark on the essay any places
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Unformatted text preview: where transitions are needed. 7. Within paragraphs, does each paragraph have a specific focus, indicated by a topic sentence? Mark on the essay any paragraphs that do not have an effective topic sentence or that have organizational problems within the paragraph. 8. Which paragraphs need further development? What parts of this essay do you want to know more about? 9. Does the writer provide SPECIFIC evidence for the claim(s) he/she is making in the essay? Does the writer make any claim that is not supported by evidence? If so, describe here: 10. What is the author’s tone? Is the tone appropriate for this assignment? Overall 1. What does the writer do particularly well in this draft? 2. What does the writer most need to work on improving for the next draft?...
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Place_or_Event_Analysis_Peer_Review_Sheet - where...

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