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Introduction_to_Mass_Communication - Introduction to Mass...

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Introduction to Mass Communication (MC 2000 section 1) Craig M. Freeman [email protected] www.cae.lsu.edu/default.asp www.mhhe.com/rodman Big Story Texas Fires 4 Die, Including Gunman, in Nevada IHOP Attack Southern University board refuses to declare exigency State office holders qualify to run for re-election Best Story Astronauts' tracks, trash seen in new moon photos Maryland Terrapins: not so 'uni'-que? Colorado dog celebrated for having such long ears Shopper arrested with live lobsters in shorts Publishers University and Small Presses Vanity Presses Electronic Publishers Convergence Government Printing Office Authors Booksellers Wholesalers Retailers Book clubs Internet Blockbuster Books One of the best known writers of domestic novels was: A. Herman Melville B. Sarah Josepha Hale C. Nathaniel Hawthorne D. Danielle Steele E. Les Miles Blockbuster Books Tension between blockbuster books that make money and “important” books of lasting value Literature vs. Domestic Novels Harry Potter Publishers offset large investments through the sale of subsidiary rights to filmmakers, paperback publishers, book clubs, foreign publishers, and product producers
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Developing Media Literacy Skills The Lessons of Harry Potter Phenomenal reception of Harry Potter books suggests these works have broad appeal and are something very special Claims of the “rebirth of the book” and a “reverse in the decline of reading by young people” rose with publication of each book Developing Media Literacy Skills The Lessons of Harry Potter Harry Potter banished aliteracy —people who possess the ability to read but are unwilling to do so The success (and profitability) of this well-written, thoughtful, high-quality content contrasts with what critics contend is a steady decline in quality in other media Harry Potter shows audience with heightened expectations can have those expectations met Books and Their Audiences Censorship A book is censored when someone in authority limits publication of or access to it Books often targeted for censorship because of their influence as cultural repositories and agents of social change Book publishers’ obligations to industry and to themselves demand they resist censorship Books and Their Audiences Among the library and school books most targeted by modern censors in the U.S. are: Harry Potter The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn To Kill a Mockingbird Of Mice and Men The Color Purple The Goosebumps series
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Introduction_to_Mass_Communication - Introduction to Mass...

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