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Laboratory Report for Experiment #16: Qualitative Analysis of Unknown Anion Kevin Ho Chem106, Section 10, Elsa 10/19/11 Summary: In this lab, we were given 3 unknown anions. We followed procedures from experiment 14 and used our past observations and results to identify the unknown anions. Results: My unknown 11A was identified as sulfate SO 4 2- . The unknown anion in 11B was carbonate CO 3 2- . My final unknown sample 11C was found to be iodide I - . Discussion: Sulfate: I was able to identify sulfate by using 5 tests. In test II, I saw no observable reactions. This rules out chloride, bromide, iodide, carbonate, and nitrate. From this test I can narrow the possibilities to sulfate or oxalate. In test III, again I saw no observable reactions. Both sulfate and oxalate still remains as the possible anion. For test IV, the reaction with barium resulted in a white precipitate. With calcium, no observable reaction was seen. This indicates that the identity of the anion is sulfate. In test V, the solution remains clear purple even after heating, this
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