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Laboratory Report for Experiment #20: Kinetics Kevin Ho Chem106, Section 10, Elsa 11/02/11 Summary: In this lab I will determine the rate law of a reaction experimentally using a clock reaction to determine the rate constants and to measure the rate of the reaction. I will also observe the effects of using a catalyst in a reaction. Results: I 2(aq) + 2S 2 O 3 2- (aq) → 2I - (aq) + S 4 O 6 2- (aq) Rate = 7.8*10^-3[KI][S 2 O 3 ] → 3.17*10^-6 M/s Activation Energy = 62.02 kJ/mol A = 1.37*10^-3 Discussion: I would estimate that the uncertainty percent for these values are around 5%. I found this by looking at the range of error in the equipment used in this lab. The burette has an uncertainty of 0.01ml while the graduated cylinder has an uncertainty of 5%. Also another uncertainly variable would be the partner in the lab. There is a chance that they may make measuring errors. In this lab everything could be measured using a burette to reduce the error range since the burette range is fairly small.
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