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Kevin Ho Common Reading On the 5 th of April I listened to Chris Pannkuk present his experiences from Afghanistan. Chris has his Bachelors and PH.D in soil physics. He also is a WSU faculty member and alumnus. He went to Afghanistan and worked on many projects that better their community. He started off volunteering for the Peace Corps, and then moved onto working with many different organizations that include the USAID, DFID, and DCAAR. WSU first started work in Afghanistan in 2002 in attempts to bring knowledge of technology to rebuild their agriculture. The culture of Afghanistan, he said, was very different and a cultural shock. As Chris walked through desserts and fields, there were signs posted that showed was not to touch if found. These things mostly included military items and road side bombs. He also stayed in a hotel that was partially damaged by a mortar. Now, all the damaged buildings and military units serve as a tourist and road side attraction. Because of the suspicion of
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