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Kevin Ho Common Reading Sharon Truatwien, presented her experiences of her time in Nepal. A little background about Nepal, it is the 41 st most populated country in the world, yet it is one of the poorest countries. The majority of people in Nepal live in poverty, working only on farms and around their homes. Starting at young ages, children were required to walk miles through mountains if they wanted to attend school. The Nepal government states that there is equal education among all citizens. However, the education system is divided into two types, private and government schooling. Parents usually send the boys of the family to private school to receive the best possible education, because in turn, the boys will be the ones taking care of the parents when they grow old. Typically, girls are sent to government school, causing them to have to walk miles each day. It is normal for young girls to stop going to school before even finishing primary school. This is because of the dangers of being abducted for sex trafficking as they walk to
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