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Kevin M. Ho Course Reader During the late 1800’s, Russia began to be populated by the uprising Jewish community. The Jews accounted for 5.1 million of the total 129 million people in the Russian Empire and some had specific locations on where they could live. Jews often times faced persecution from their community. The state law granted each religion to control their own marriages, and the Jewish community felt that marriage should be hosted by a rabbi instead of a court like system. “She Done Him In,” is the story of the Zalkind couple and how Jewish ideas had an effect on their marriage and the society around them. Abram, the husband, died one mysterious afternoon at the account of his wife Masia. The community all believed that is was not due to natural causes, but instead, someone had planned for it. Family issues were community issues in the Jewish society, thus it created an investigation on the Zalkind case. Marriage, through the eyes of Jews, was simply an agreement of mutual responsibility, almost like a business deal. Divorce
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