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Kevin Ho France: The World War II Era Frauen: German Women Recall the Third Reich is set in Germany during the time of World War II. The Third Reich was led by Adolf Hitler, an activist who captivated the people of Germany with his thoughts that Germans were the superior race, and that all others should be eliminated, primarily focusing on the Jews. Although the war only lasted only a brief period in history, it made a global impact that revolutionized the globe. There were a total of 51 accounted countries allied with the United Nations during this time period. France was among one of the first countries to be involved in World War II after proclaiming war on Germany succeeding its invasion of Poland in 1939. World War II had many effects on France and its people. France’s involvement in the war was very puzzling; they had been registered as an ally against Germany, however, several French military assemblies fought alongside Germans. France’s ground army, navies, and air forces originally fought Germans, but after the loss of the Battle of France, many French units allied
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