Mid-Term Essay - .Kevin Ho During the time period of...

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.Kevin Ho During the time period of 1500-1800, people worldwide had established organized societies that stayed true to their respected cultural backgrounds. They also created a network of routes that allowed for communication, exchange, and transportation connecting the lands between the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. Because of these routes, intense cross-cultural interactions were able to take place between societies that were never known to exist. Many civilizations benefitted from these interactions while others perished. During this era of global interdependence, there were many cultural impacts that are marked in today’s societies. Societies were able to finally connect with one another during this time period, sharing ideas of religion, culture, and traditions. Religion spread like wild fire among the people of this time. Many civilizations hosted a variety of religions among its people, and often times, it caused war between officials and citizens. The idea of religion is spread by the contact of foreigners. Also, religion is sometimes imposed by other societies. The Europeans had a strong motive to spread Christianity throughout the world while other philosophies and religions emerged. In the Middle East, the Islamic religion was embraced by the majority of its people. When a society is conquered, the conqueror sometimes forces the religion on those who had been conquered. Thorough this, we can begin to see the rise of empires built on religion. By the 18
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Mid-Term Essay - .Kevin Ho During the time period of...

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