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Africa (13) Islam spread to sub-Saharan Africa: -after the 8 th century, muslim merchants went to Africa for the slave trade -when sources ran out, they pillaged villages capturing new slaves -they brought the slaves across the Saharan Desert Christianity spread to sub-Saharan Africa: -during 15 th -16 th century, Europeans went to Africa for slave trade The Fulani: -influential nomadic people of Africa -played a role in the migratory movement of people in the south -they were responsible for spreading Islam to western Africa
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Unformatted text preview: -the Fulani Empire was from early 1800s-1900s-traded dairy for other goods and so on-to gain political power, men had to compete among others Most slaves worked as urban laborers or as domestic servants. They took a total of about 16 million slaves. Slaves were taken from Africa because of the convenient ports that had been established. North America continuously imported slaves because they died of disease. They mostly imported female slaves and encouraged them to have families....
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