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Chapter 21: New Worlds -Europeans sought out establishments in the Americas, they brought technology that was unavailable to the west. -There was division between the indigenous people and the Europeans. -They brought disease that devastated natives. -the Spanish soon conquered the Aztec and Inca empires imposing the own rule Mexico and Peru -in later decades French, English, and Dutch migrants displaced natives and established colonies under the rule of European people. The Spanish Caribbean -the first interaction between Europeans and American is the Caribbean -the Tainos were the most prominent people in that region -the Tainos lived in small farm villages under the authority of chiefs - Christopher Columbus made the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean the base of Spanish operations -wanted to establish trade between locals but they had no desirable products -settlers first attempted to mine gold -they recruited Tainos people to do the labor - encomenderos (Spanish settlers) did this with the
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Unformatted text preview: encomienda , an idea that Tainos will work labor for the Spanish-Tainos rebelled but had little effect to Spanish technology-by1515 Taino population decreased in Caribbean -in 1518, smallpox hit the Caribbean, killing most of the natives-to compensate, Spanish started kidnapping and enslaving people-the disease impacted the population from 4 million in 1492 to a few thousand in 1540-after the mid-16 th century, gold depleted-French, English, and Dutch settled with the intention of agriculture -sugar and tobacco were grown-planters imported millions of slaves The Conquest of Mexico and Peru-the Spanish shifted to the American mainland in search of resources-invaded Mexico, Panama, and Peru-Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs in Mexico in 1521-had about 450 solders-had the advantage with weapons and horses-Francisco Pizarro conquered Incas in Peru in 1533-had 180 solders, but grew to 600-smallpox aided both of them in their conquests-they found agricultural societies and cities...
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