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Current News: Revolution (1) Many antigovernment protests take popularity among the Middle East and North Africa inspired by Tunisia and Egypt The Egyptian Revolution -started on January 25 after clashes between citizens and officials regarding the reign of Hosni Barak -protest took place in cities like Cairo and Alexandria -similar events occurred in Tunisia when citizens protested and overthrew the president -one February 11 Hosni resigns -timeline: protest starts, protest continue with police forces, citizens released camels and horses into Tahrir Square, continue protest, Hosni to resigns, the Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces take power for 6 months. The Arab Tunisian Revolution -started in December 2010 and ended January 2011 -started by self-motivated Mohamed Bouazizi after be killed himself as a sacrafice -started because of unemployment, food inflation, corruption, lack of political freedom -on January 14 President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali resigns from 23 years of power and flees to
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Unformatted text preview: Saudi Arabia-cartaker coalition government was created with Mohamed Glannouchi comes to power-january 27, Glannouchi reigns putting Benji Caid el Sebsi into power The Middle East and North Africa Libya-started one week after leader Muammar Gaddafi threatens Israel-he believed that revolutions would stop if Israel was taken-protestors turn on Gaddafi and he flees Tripoli as protestors burn government building Bahrain-started when Shiite protesters demand ouster of the Sunni government-protesters complain of discrimination against the Sunni monarchy-protest in Pearl Plaza in Bahrain’s capitol Yemen-Hosni’s resignation revitalized protests that had lost momentum-protest on campus of Sana’a University-protester demands are divided-some want government reform, some want president Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign...
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