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Gender History, Women’s History, and Feminist History (5) Gender History: Gender I s a term used to refer to the social and cultural construction of masculinity a d feminities, not the state of being make or female. Gender is a role that is perceived by males and females. -Traditionally, men were those who provided for the family -women would stay home and take care of the children. Women’s History: The history of the role women played. The field that attempts to incorporate the experiences of women into history. -Women’s rights refer to the human and social rights -women began to seek out rights in politics and education beginning before the 18 th century -they want to be considered on a higher social status Feminist History: The social, political, and all other rights that women are equal to men. Usually having to relate
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Unformatted text preview: with politics. The study of the progression of women rights.- women begin to rise to political power-new ideas and philosophes emerge on behalf of women-women were considered 2 nd class Gender, women, and feminist history all address the role women were traditionally perceived to take on. All actions taken to change the idea of women lead back to the fundamental idea of women roles. Gender history only explains the social and cultural roles that women were believed to take on. Women history attempts to incorporate women in past history. Feminist history refers the actions that take place in order to change the idea of women....
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