Notes The Rise of the West (Europe vs. China)

Notes The Rise of the West (Europe vs. China) - -wanted to...

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The Rise of the West (6) The rise of the west occurred when European societies explored the area west of the Atlantic during the early 1500. -the French, Dutch, and Spanish created agricultural societies in America -this allowed for population growth in the west -mostly occupied by migrating Europeans -most societies depended on each other for goods Europe: -became an industrial society outside of agriculture -people began to develop special skills -made iron and steel, used steam power -created the factory -because of early industrialization, it spread throughout Europe -had an abundance of resources -made things in mass production China: -focused on agriculture because of population growth
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Unformatted text preview: -wanted to preserve traditional ways of life-many different rulers-did not want to promote rapid economic development Chinese focused primarily on the production of agriculture. Chinese merchants did not establish relationships with the government like Europeans did. China wanted to preserve the way of traditional life. Europe was industrialized earlier than other regions. They had resources that allowed them to technologically advance. China had many rulers with different ideas not allowing for steady progress. The Chinese also focus primarily on theologies and scholastics....
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