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Kevin Ho Biochemistry I am currently seeking a degree in Biochemistry. I believe that this major opens the most opportunity for professional future careers. A job in the medical field will always be in demand here in the U.S. These jobs are high paying and will pay off if I make it. I was somewhat pushed into this major by my parents and family. I am expected to become something big. I am not sure if this field fits my passion, and also it is very hard to compete with others in this area. This major so far proves to be very academically challenging for me as well. Due to lack of knowledge about college degrees, I was sort of sucked into this program. Just like the shepherd in The Alchemist, he was originally sucked into what his parents wanted him to do. This is where I am at now and I do not know how to approach them to tell them that I may want to change majors. In Major in Success , they explain that college is a “shopping center for majors.” In this context, I have not yet been able to see what majors are offered to me. I want to further research
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