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Kevin Ho There were many representatives from different majors that educated me about what the curriculum for their program was. Since I am a Biochem major I explored the sciences booth hoping to be informed more about what I needed to do to get into the programs. The selection for the sciences department was very few, not allowing me to get much time with each representative. There, I was schooled on the pathway that I would need to take in order to be successful in that field. I was shown the courses I needed to take as well as the requirements that I needed to fulfill. The courses included a lot of chem, bio, and math, all of which are hard. I feel that my major is still up for exploration for I also visited a few other booths to gain the knowledge I need if I ever decided to change majors. I visited the liberal arts, psychology, and business areas, keeping an open mind to all possibilities. All of these programs seemed to be a bit more interesting and easier than my biochem pathway. I see the most interest in psychology
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