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Civil Engineering - Kevin Ho Civil Engineering Again I feel...

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Kevin Ho Civil Engineering Again, I feel like I chose this as an area of my interest because of lack of knowledge in other options. A few of my friends are pursuing this field as well; this is how I got interested in this area. Careers in the civil engineering field are high paying and not so stressful in the work field. This career option is one of few that I can actually picture myself doing as a lifelong career. I feel like I could become very involved in my community if I were to work in this field. My dad is also an engineer; however he works with mechanical engineering instead of civil. It is said that most engineering students are following the path of a parent who has done engineering as well. The academic curriculum is fairly difficult for me but more manageable and interesting. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is a program offered here at WSU. There are 4 areas of study environmental, geotech/ transportation, hydraulics, and structure. There are also 14 areas of research. Civil engineering as pathway that allows for
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