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Washington State University UCOLL 304: Explore Seminar E-Portfolio Goal for e-portfolio project: create an innovated method for you to showcase your  exploration process and, if applicable, serve as a complement to a future job, graduate  school, and/or scholarship applications.  Instructions on the assignment:  (1) Decide on an e-portfolio software to use, see list of  suggested providers at  http://lead.wsu.edu/default.asp?PageID=2533 . (2) Create an  electronic collection of evidence that chronicles your major, vocational, and self  exploration journey over time (much of the work you have already done can be  incorporated into this electronic space). Evidence may include writing samples, photos,  videos, and class projects, observations by mentors and peers, and/or reflective thinking. You may also take an approach to this assignment as an opportunity to create an  electronic résumé to send to employers.
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2012 for the course UCOL 304 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '11 term at Washington State University .

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ePortfolio Project 2 - WashingtonStateUniversity...

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