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Faculty Interview I interviewed Dr. J. Daniel Dolan. He is the professor and director of codes and standard for civil engineering. He can be contacted at P.O. box 642910 Pullman, WA 99163. Civil Engineering the wildest scope of engineering among all others. It can also be referred to as structural engineering. Currently, Dan’s research of interest is in space shuttle structure. He is looking into the effects of the heat of the shuttle and how it damages the structure of the ship. The reason why Dan went into this field is because his dad was a Civil Engineer but died when Dan was 15. He taught him about new buildings and how to look at them with “structural” eyes. There were a lot of jobs at he mentioned that could be tied with this major. It ranged from highway designers, to NASA workers. There are all different needs for structural engineers in the community he says. However, most all of the careers are paid by the state, so all positions will be run by the
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Unformatted text preview: government. I didn’t like that idea too much because I wouldn’t want my salary coming from tax payer money. Here at WSU, there are not too many clubs or organizations for civil engineering, but there are certain areas of buildings designed for engineering students only. To obtain more information on anything he suggested that I stopped by his or any other professors’ office because the sight does not provide all information. As for research opportunities, they are rarely paid, however for the summer; they are hiring 2-6 positions. There is one study abroad program that is of interest for Dan right now. He is looking into an international project to build suspension bridges. This project will consist of study abroad students and professors to travel and create suspension bridges in areas where it is impossible for the community to build....
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