Final Journal - Final Journal I believe in living each day...

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Final Journal I believe in living each day to the fullest, I believe in treating others with the same respect that I myself deserve, I believe in the integrity of work, I believe that there is no better place than right here, right now, I want to build healthy relationships with others, in which we can both benefit, I want to contribute to the everlasting society, I want to be looked up to, I will not blame others, I will look for the good in every situation, I will be inspired by the smallest challenges, I will live, and I will learn, I will make a difference. My mission statement above gives me great motivation and inspiration. The goal of college for me is to gain independence and learn from real life situations. In my mission statement it says that I will accept all responsibility and all things come down to my decisions. I want to make a difference in the society. I plan on doing this by pursuing a career that can change the lives of people in the community. I value healthy and happy lives. By pursuing a career in the medical field I can help people to achieve this. Also, by doing community service, this affects the communal society as well. By volunteering for many things like food banks, Rally America, and church activities, it has thought me to make a difference. Even the smallest actions can change the course of one’s life. One experience that has motivated me was helping the women of Aberdeen, WA. During a volunteer project, I worked with these women in a clothing bank for three hours. By the end of the day, the women told me that because of my help, I had set them six weeks above schedule. These actions have shaped me into someone who is always willing to help another person. Also, while working as a sales representative, I found passion in communicating with the general public. In this job I would approach people and find their needs in vitamins. This relates directly
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Final Journal - Final Journal I believe in living each day...

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