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Kevin Ho My motivation to attend college was to have fun and get an education for my future. I do put school as one of my lower priorities, which is something I need to change. My intended major is biochem. I feel like this major isn’t what I want to do but instead I was almost obligated to pick up such a path. I still need to thoroughly explore my major options in order for me to feel a sense of being on a right path. The reason I chose to go to WSU is because it is the furthest university from my home, and I wanted to get out on my own. I joined a fraternity this summer, I had already know a vast majority of the members from back home. Neither of my parents went to a four year university, but my three older brothers are all attending college. I guess I could still be considered the first generation. At the moment I am going for a biochem major. However I have little motivation and
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Unformatted text preview: interest in the major. I would change my major but I feel it would hurt my chances of becoming a dentist, doctor, or pharmacist. I am interested in the psychology department. I just don’t know what to do as a future job if I major in psychology. Like I said I feel that my major was forced upon me and I feel like my counselor has no interest in helping me. I would like to communicate with someone regarding major options in the near future. It would give me a sense of being on the right track. I chose to enroll in this class because I was a deficient student last semester. One of the terms of my probation is that I had to take this course. I hope this course will help me improve my GPA as well as organize my life. I need to be able to put school above all my other obligations. This class seems like it would help me a lot so I plan on doing well in this class....
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