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Psychology Major - Kevin Ho Psychology The College of...

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Kevin Ho Psychology The College of Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology is a topic that I find very interesting. I find this field interesting because I am a very people person and I like to know why people do the behaviors that they do. I took a psychology class last year at my community college and it has been the only class in my college career that I looked forward to going to. Listening to lectures about the human mind captivates me and I actually learn in these classes instead of just trying to pass. I found out that psychology was a passion of mine at the beginning of the semester when a friend asked me to help her study. While helping her, I was overly excited about recapping on all the things that I had already learned. The shepherd in The Alchemist was on a route that his parents had planned out for him, but he had another passion that soon lead him to leave home. Psychology is a major that I am considering to change into, but I am unsure of what the future would hold for me if I were to change into this major. Just like the shepherd in
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