The Alchemist - Kevin Ho Santiago, a shepherd boy, has a...

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Kevin Ho Santiago, a shepherd boy, has a dream that convinces him that there is more to his life. He goes to town where he has a gypsy interpret his dreams and runs into Melchizedek, a wise old king who tells him that he must go on a quest to find his Personal Legend. He sells his flock of sheep to start his travels to Africa. A long the way, Santiago is robbed of all his money, and soon he picks up a job at a crystal shop. A lot of success was found for him at the crystal shop and as soon as he has enough money to return home, he quits and heads back to his home land. While walking the route back to his home, he ponders on the meaning of his personal Legend. Santiago convinces himself that he must continue the journey and soon finds himself on a caravan that travels through the dessert while war rages on in the dessert. After a few days of travel, they reach an oasis where they must stay until it is safe to continue their travels. At the oasis, Santiago searches for the wise alchemist. He meets Fatima and they fall in love. When it was time for Santiago to leave with the alchemist, Fatima promises to wait for his return and he agrees to do so. During his travels with the alchemist, they are captured by a tribe at war. In order to save themselves, they must perform an impossible feat. The alchemist had proclaimed that they are able to transform themselves into the wind. Not knowing how to do this, he finds the Language
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The Alchemist - Kevin Ho Santiago, a shepherd boy, has a...

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