10-11 - another but it makes the comparison explicit, often...

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10/11 Tuesday, October 11, 2011 3:36 PM <<1011.wma>> A "Trope" comes from the Greek word tropos which means a turn A trop is a change or "a turn" in the meaning of a word or concept that gives the word a different meaning from the most literal or direct meaning Note: this definition may be BS Types of Tropes - One Classification o Contiguity, Substitution and Comparison Metonymy A metonymy is based on an accidental (that is not inevitable or intended connection between things) There are a number of different kinds: Synechdoche Part for Whole (coke for all soft drinks, lend me your ears, or "I could use an extra pair of eyeballs on this paper") Contiguity - "The suits on Wall Street walked off with most of our savings." Cause for Effect - "He's an accident waiting to happen" Metaphor Metaphor comes from the Greek root work pherein which means to carry … What makes a good metaphor? Effective like an open ended emptheme. Simile Like a metaphor in that it transports meaning from one thing to
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Unformatted text preview: another but it makes the comparison explicit, often by using like or as. Catachresis A &quot;harsh or abusive&quot; metaphor Though it is subjective, a catachresis stretches a metaphor to a limit thatmakes it seem almost implausible o Tropes of Amplification Hyperbole is an exaggeration or overstatement, but can be effective as irony o &quot;Voice&quot; Tropes Personification is the most typical trope of voice -- it imputes human characteristics to an inanimate thing When to use tropes? -- When you would like to transport emotional contents OR when you need a specific case or example that proves a larger point Questions to ask: Plausible? Will audience accept it? Implies irony - will audience get it? Elegant artful? Am I &quot;cashing it out&quot; What purpose is it serving, and does it advance the strategy that you are employing. Audio recording started: 3:38 PM Tuesday, October 11, 2011...
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10-11 - another but it makes the comparison explicit, often...

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