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Dunn 1 English 101 Essay 1: Babylon Revisited December 8 2009 In 1929, a great depression negatively impacted thousands of families in America and even Europe. Many stories were written about the depression era to portray the drastic life changes that people faced. Babylon Revisited is a story that follows the life of Charlie Wales as he faces the depression, alcoholism, the death of his wife, and child custody issues. Although he moves away to escape his unforgiving past, Charlie is overwhelmed with awful memories of his past mistakes when he returns. In the story, F. Scott Fitzgerald clearly expresses and develops the theme of a struggle to break free from a haunting and fallible past through the use of symbols and foreshadowing. Upon his return to Paris, after over a year and a half of absence, Charlie Wales is faced with continuous flashbacks to his unfortunate past. Before having to grieve the death of his wife, losing custody of his daughter to his sister-in-law, and having to face the impact of the great depression, Charlie believed his family was like “royalty, almost infallible, with a sort of magic around” (Fitzgerald 8) them. In a way, the Wales family was like royalty because Charlie could squander money away by buying whatever it would take to make his family happy and have the perfect life. After the terrible events, Charlie moved to Prague for business, in an attempt to escape the great disappointments and raise his hopes. Unfortunately, it is made clear during his stay in Paris how much he has struggled throughout his life to forget the past and return to a more stable life, of which he believed he once had.
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Essay 1 - Dunn 1 English 101 Essay 1: Babylon Revisited...

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