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GB 191 F 2011 G RADE EQUIVALENTS SCALE 97-100* A+ 93-96 A 90-92 A- 86-100 B+ 83-85 B 80-82 B- 76-79 C+ 73-75 C 70-72 C- 65 D *NB: A+ range is 1 point smaller than all other + grades, a minor inconsistency engineered to limit A+ to the truly extraordinary. Q: What happens below 70? A: That depends. Theoretically, the grade scale continues through D, and if a paper is really so
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Unformatted text preview: terrible that it deserves a D (65, no plus or minus), then you should give the grade and the student will receive points for the assignment. Anything below D is no credit. If no paper is submitted at all, then no points can be assigned. Your sections stated paper submission policy may have implications for paper grades....
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