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GB191 F2011 Paper 1 Topics, Due date: October 4 (see paper submission policies for your section) Please read the essay, “Elements of the Academic Essay” and the paper grading rubric before starting your paper (available on CTools under Resources folder). 1. Why we fight: in book 9, Achilles explicitly calls into question his motives for fighting the Trojans. Compare Achilles and his choice with two other characters and how they describe their motives for taking part in the war. Is Achilles’ choice applicable to the circumstances of these other characters? Explain why or why not. 2. Define and analyze the codes of warfare as exhibited in the Iliad using specific examples . Where does the poem present these codes operating successfully and where do we see them break down? Does the poem suggest that a war can be
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Unformatted text preview: fought in a civilized way? 3. Hector and Andromache’s conversation in book 6 articulates a conflict between martial and familial concerns that Greek and Trojan warriors must face. Identify at least two other places in the poem where characters evoke family relationships (e.g. brothers, fathers, wives, children, ancestry). How do these domestic concerns interact with the world of the war? 4. Violence is an inherent part of Homer’s martial epic. The Iliad offers its audience glimpses of a world beyond the war (e.g. in similes, in the shield of Achilles, and in stories told by the characters themselves). How does Homer depict this alternative world? Is this world beyond the war free from violence? Does the poem suggest that war is a “natural” part of human existence or is the Trojan War an anomaly?...
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