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Solutions to ST 370 Online First Exam, Spring 2002. 1. Factor B has a stronger effect on the response than factor A. (The whole point of fitted effects is so you can compare their absolute values--the larger ones indicate the more important effects.) 2. Descriptive statistics describe samples and populations. 3. 9.93 4. The empricial rule tells us how to interpret standard deviations. 5. nominal (no ordering, 0-4 are just labels) 6. 1 3 6 6 4 2 2 1 7. (1/2)*13.3+(1/2)*13.6=13.45 8. The factors are protective coating and humidity conditions 9. A randomized complete block design (2 full replications of the whole experiment at different times) 10. control 11. The locations are approximately the same. 12. observational study 13. the difference in repair shop type is most important (fitted effects are much larger in absolute value than other fitted effects)
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Unformatted text preview: 14. The independent shops' prices aren't much different for the two car types (1802.00 vs. 1785.75) 15. -1 (just plot them and note they are in a straight line down from left to right) 16. A p value says nothing about practical importance. It just says that we can be statistically sure that the null hypothesis is not true. With large sample sizes you can easily be sure that the null hypothesis is slightly wrong, but nobody really cares about slight differences. 17. None of the above. 18. False. You can easily have a curved relationship, a poor fit for a straight line, and still have a small p value. You must plot the data or the residuals to assess the fit. 19. All of the above. 20. All the statments are true. (Taken from the reading of the lesson on Hypothesis Testing Preview.)...
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