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Solutions to Test 1, Fall 2005 1. All of the above. 2. Median = 71.5 3. s = 20.34 4. 82/4=20.5 ==> the first quartile must lie in [4,5) since ordered values 17 through 29 are in that cell. 5. Skewed to the left (negative skewness) 6. between 7 and 9 because largest possible - smallest possible=9-0=9 and smallest in last cell with values in it = 8 and largest in first cell must be less than 1, 8-1=7. 7. burner type and file size 8. -1.121 = 2.342-3.463 (row mean - overall mean) 9. Burner Type is important (different file sizes have virtually identical mean speeds, so there is no file size effect or interaction) 10. Burner type is a nominal variable (for regression we need interval or ratio variables) 11. The empirical rule helps us to understand the meaning of a standard deviation
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