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Solutions to ST 370 Online First Exam, Fall 2002, Version A. 1. Quantitative data. 2. True: median=2nd quartile 3. all of the above. 4. It is the point such that 40% of the data lie below it. 5. 39 6. 18.58 7. randomization, blocking, replication 8. Correlation measures the strength of the linear relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. 9. Smoke and test look more important than their interaction. 10. 18.82 11. time and temperature. 12. 3 replications
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Unformatted text preview: 13. 6 treatment combinations (combinations of factor levels) 14. .75 (R^2=R-square) 15. none of the above (126.24890-0.91762*10=117.07) 16. negatively correlated (from the sign of the slope) 17. Multiple regression uses only one independent variable. (is false) 18. [0,1] 19. One might fit Time versus Temperature and the square of Temperature. 20. If we had included age in the data set, then age could have been used as an additional independent variable....
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