Japan,China Reactions to West

Japan,China Reactions to West - Lieu Tran Andrew Tran...

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Lieu Tran Andrew Tran Period 1 THESIS : China and Japan was the two largest countries in East Asia that felt the influence of the western powers, but their responses were completely opposite. The Western influence China and Japan in different ways because the Western influences China it caused it to their downfall while Japan advanced to become one of the strongest countries. Japan o In early 1600s they prohibited foreigners from entering Japan and Japanese to go aboard. o Matthew C Perry demanded that Japan open its ports to trade and they are willing to open sign the Treaty of Kanagawa, which modeled on the unequal treaties between china and the western power. o Angry and disappointed, some provincial governors began to encourage an underground movement calling for the destruction of the Tokugawa regime and the banning of foreigner from Japan o The Meiji Restoration was determined to protect their country from Western imperialism. o The oligarchs were under no illusion that they could fend off the Westerners without changing their institution and their society. o New Japan embraced all foreign ideas, institution, and techniques that could strengthen the nation. o Their introduction of new educational systems, a conscript army, and new communication o Government was able to establish heavy industry without extensive foreign debt, thanks to decades of experimentation with industrial development and financing in the provinces. o
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Japan,China Reactions to West - Lieu Tran Andrew Tran...

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