NovSummary3 - transmit electrical power Explain the role of “demand control” and the “smart grid” in the context of plug-in hybrid vehicles

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Cars, Energy and Chemistry: November Summary Reactions Transesterification of triglycerides with methanol to afford biodiesel. See reaction slide on C-tools. What is the byproduct? Identify the molecule(s), below, describe how they are used and how they differ in chemical structure. Silica, silicon, silicone, silane (resembles methane) The common constituents of the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases differ from non-greenhouse gases by what features? The two different ion transport membranes. Write the chemical formulae of the "the business ends" that attract ions of opposite charge. Data Sets, Concepts and Implications Describe how the Redox Flow Battery functions, how it differs from other batteries and what application it fits particularly well. How does the incoming radiation from the sun compare with the radiation re-emitted by the earth back into space? Be specific with respect to frequency or energy. ( E = h ν 29 Explain the relevance of I squared R losses in the power grid, and why AC is almost always used to
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Unformatted text preview: transmit electrical power. Explain the role of “demand control” and the “smart grid” in the context of plug-in hybrid vehicles. What are potential advantages of the electrification of transportation vehicles from an energy and grid perspective? Describe the battery and power system of the Ford Fusion that was brought to campus as a demonstration vehicle. Sketch the energy level diagram of either a photovoltaic device or a photoelectrochemical cell, and explain what the utility of the device is. What problem is shared by these devices, as well as leaves, in capturing energy in a useful form? What is the trend in the distribution of global wealth? What is the trend in the energy intensity of GDP, especially in the more technically advanced countries? What is Pelke's "Iron Law"? How does he suggest getting around this law?...
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