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Lithium & Battery - Voltage 3.7 volts Energy 168...

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Lithium Battery: Electron Flow Direction Shown for Discharge Solvent is typically ethylene carbonate, which can withstand the high potential of the Li cell. Electrolyte is Li CF 3 SO 3 or similar that can dissolve in the organic solvent.
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Unformatted text preview: Voltage: 3.7 volts Energy: 168 Wh/kg Watt hours per kilogram 466 Wh/ L Watt hours per liter Half Reactions: anode: Li x C 6 (s) = Li + + 6 C(s) + x e- cathode: Li + + 6C(s) + e- + CoO 2 (s) = Li CoO 2 (s) + 6C(s)...
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