Lecture 2 notes - Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons

Lecture 2 notes - Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons -...

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Unformatted text preview: Hydrocarbons burn to produce carbon dioxide and water. Diatomics (N2, O2) stretch, rotate no dipole moment and they dont absorb infrared. Warmth that comes in from sun is not absorbed by these diatomics. Plant world and plant consuming world. Person emits about a kilogram of CO2 a day. In prebiotic times, the atmosphere was reducing everywhere, oxygen could have been used as a fuel. Not everything is about oxidizing, looking for reductants. Carbohydratewet carbon one carbon and one water H-C-OH. Usually create a ring. 8 is an important number. Outer shell is valence shell... where chemical bonding happens. Further to the right of periodic tablemore electronegative. The oxygens in CO2 is pulling harder on the shared electrons than carbon is. Formal assumptions: oxidations.. carbon is +4, oxygens are -2 each. High density energy the carbon in methane (CH4) is more reduced than are the carbons in CO2 and carbohydrates....
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