Lecture 4 notes - S=k ln(W k= boltzmann’s constant W= degeneracy of the system number of ways a system of atoms/molecules can be arranged with

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Fracking: greatly increased gas resource. Partial fracturing. High pressure underground causing fracturing in rock that releases gas. When oil prices went up, production did not increase. Suggests that there is a lack of elasticity. Huge fields in Saudi Arabia drenched in oil Russia and Saudi are similar in production Thermodynamics deltaG: free energy (energy available), driving force for things to happen deltaH: enthalpy/heat, heat moves deltaS: entropy, more mess is always favored
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Unformatted text preview: S=k * ln (W) k= boltzmann’s constant, W= degeneracy of the system, number of ways a system of atoms/molecules can be arranged with equal energy Everything that you do increases entropy & energy cannot be created or destroyed dS sys +dS surr >/= 0 Electrical energy can be converted completely into heat but not vice versa Entropy always goes up As temp. goes up, maximum entropy situation takes place Anion-negative, cation-positive-ide suffix means it is an anion...
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