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conversation 2 - Justin I think my wife deserves a...

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Justin: I think my wife deserves a raise (meriter une augmentation de salaire) Justin: She should receive just as much money as does another guy Justin: Main workforce in WWI as nurses, factory (everything that men did). (l’usine, en bref, les femmes faisaient les mêmes travails que les hommes avaient fait avant la guerre) Jordan: But during the war, women didn’t do the real work that mattered, fight in the war, fighting in country. Justin: Without women, the men would not have been able to fight. (viendraient pouvoir de lutter) Jordan: Yes, but the only reason why women took an active role in society was to gain suffrage Justin: That’s not true, took another 24 years after war to get suffrage (il y avait 24 annees après la guerre quand les femmes ont gagné le droit de voter) Suffrage Women’s representation in government 1. je ne comprends pas, si la femme n’est pas représentée, pourquoi y a-t-il plusieurs femmes dans le gouvernement. Il y a 71 femmes dans l’assemblée nationale et 35
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