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conversatoin - commerce La banque mondiale)… endangering...

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Salutations R thanks interview, asks about trip to EU Greece, house Greece R (question): Collapse, debt, deficit (fabriquer) S: Germany R: Greece indicates early fix in EU S: purpose of EU R: not EU, euro Euro S&R: PoV types of money S: helps only euro countries Turkey R (question): highlights S: European influences, stores, fashion, food EU status R: religion, Cyprus, Copenhague, unemployment S: trade country, laicite, EU unity, population Globalization R (question): interesting French things S: Millau, France R: Jose Bove? S: define JB (McDonalds, des champs) R: DSK? & define DSK (Funds Monetaire Internationale, organisation mondiale du
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Unformatted text preview: commerce, La banque mondiale)… endangering stability global French American Relations • S : global <franco-american relation strain • R (question): things learned about F-A relationship? • S: statue of liberty, louisana purchase, WWII unity, Revolution war, integration of French into American culture…food, names, language) • R: Kyoto, XYZ, DSK. 5.2% emissions 2012 • S : g8 useless=inutile • R : g8 concentration of power, successful presidential elections • S: g8 waste of time, separation of power...
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