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3) Responsibility of Engineers (20) Based on your understanding of the engineering design process, sustainability and the ethical responsibilities of engineers, list five design criteria or constraints that you feel are required of all engineering design projects. Provide brief support or reasoning for your selection and indicate whether each is a criterion or constraint by circling the appropriate word. ANSWER: In the context of this course, the design process, sustainability and ethics, there were three criteria/constraints required in this answer: Safety, Feasibility and some form of Sustainability. These were discussed in class as critical design requirements which are the responsibilities of engineers to assure are within the design considerations. Each of these, along with the indication of criterion/constraint and support/reasoning was worth 4 points. Beyond this, acceptable responses worth full credit were: Cost, Legality, Appropriate for User/Client (this included a variety of ways to say this), within specific Time, or Innovative. Responses that were more dependent on the context of the design problem were worth 2 points each included: aesthetically pleasing, size or space, replicable, easy to maintain, adaptability, efficient, accessible. 4) Engineering Ethics (10) a) What is the purpose of a professional code of ethics? (4 points) ANSWER: A professional code of ethics sets a standard of behavior for members of the professional group. It can be used as a resource of assist in the ethical decision-making process and is also used in evaluating a specific set of actions. b) Describe briefly in your own words three of the six canons of the Engineering Code of Ethics. You do not need to number the canons. ANSWER: This must include a description of three of the following fundamental canons (each worth 2 points): Engineers, in the fulfillment of their professional duties, shall: Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. Perform services only in areas of their competence.
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Exam+II+Technical+Key - 3) Responsibility of Engineers (20)...

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