Focusehope Memo - To: From: Subject: Ms. Audrey Sanchez,...

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To: Ms. Audrey Sanchez, Manager From: Rachel Liu, Engineer Subject: Background information collected about the origin and history of our community partner Focus:HOPE Date: September 15, 2011 Foreward We have a scheduled meeting with our community partner Focus:HOPE next week. Focus:HOPE is our client that we will be helping by designing materials to increase productivity and efficiency for growing crops in their urban community farm. Therefore, I researched the origin and history of Focus:HOPE to obtain more background information to produce better understanding of the organization that will aid in the design process. This report contains my research findings and potential questions to ask our community partner. Summary Based on my research, Focus:HOPE was founded due to the 1967 Detroit riots by Father William T. Cunningham and Eleanor M. Josaitis along with a small group of people. It started as a festival called Focus Summer HOPE that attempted to eliminate racism and poverty in the broken area. The success of the festival provoked the founders to advance their social advocacy initiatives such as providing food for the hungry, creating job training programs, and expanding educational opportunities for citizens. Now, the organization is nationally renowned and seeks to continue assisting the southeastern Michigan community to betterment. Discussion Introduction Focus:HOPE, our community partner, will be visiting next week for a meeting. Throughout the year we will be helping the organization with design projects to make gardening easier in their urban community farms. We must be able to empathize with the community partner and the
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Focusehope Memo - To: From: Subject: Ms. Audrey Sanchez,...

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