14 - 9/28/11 Ten things I cant live without Engineering...

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9/28/11 1 Ten things I can’t live without Engineering 100:800 The Tragedy of the Commons } Garret Hardin – UCSB – “Science” – 1968 } Society which is permitted perfect freedom of action in activities that adversely influence common properties is eventually doomed to failure. } Examples? wikipedia.org
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9/28/11 2 http://www.nrdc.org/water/pol ution/sewage/sewage.pdf Carrying Capacity } A limit defined by the environment } Demands are in balance with ability of environment to meet these needs Environmental Footprint } the area of land and ocean required to support your consumption of food, goods, services, housing, and energy and assimilate your wastes. } expressed in "global hectares" (gha) or "global acres" (ga) which are standardized units that take into account the differences in biological productivity of various ecosystems impacted by your consumption activities. myfootprint.org Sustainability } In 1983 the United Nations appointed an international commission to propose strategies for "sustainable development" - ways to improve human well-being in the short term without threatening the local and global environment in the long term. } 1987 “Brundtland Commission” report of the United Nations on sustainable development. } to “[meet] the needs of the present without compromising the
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14 - 9/28/11 Ten things I cant live without Engineering...

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