How much waste is removed decaffeination of coffee

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Unformatted text preview: ign (4) ChemE 360, ChemE lab I (4) ChemE 460, ChemE lab II (4) ChemE 466, Process control and dynamics (3) ChemE 485, Chemical Process Economics (1) ChemE 487, Chem process design (5) Electives Engineering electives (3) Unrestricted electives (12) Material and Energy Balances human2/andial.htm Kidney dialysis •  What flows in and out? •  How much waste is removed? Decaffeination of coffee •  What is the purity of the coffee? •  How much caffeine remains? 19 Thermodynamics •  Utility power plant produces 800 MW of electrical power at overall thermal efficiency of 45% •  What does this correspond to in terms rail cars per day of coal if a rail car holds 100 tons with a LHVcoal of 10,000 BTU/lbm? •  Compute the high and low temperature heat 20 interactions Fluid Mechanics Alaska Pipeline Fluid Flow in Pipes: •  How do you get oil from Alaska to the continental U.S....
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