Subjects required by all programs mathematics 16

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Unformatted text preview: eating value (comparable to crude oil) Fuel from algae Break down the biomacromolecules in wet algae paste (~ 350 °C) to form bio-crude - mimic nature! … or pursue many other opportunities! 16 Agenda •  •  •  •  •  Introduction – personal and UG program Definition of ChE ChE career options ChE UG program review Wrap-up 17 How do we prepare you? Subjects required by all programs Mathematics (16) Introduction to engineering (4) Introduction to computing (4) Inorganic chemistry (3) Physics (10) Intellectual Breadth (16) (to include a course in economics) Other technical courses Organic chem and lab I & II (10) Quantum chemistry (1) Materials science (4) Biology (4) Program Subjects ChemE 230, Material & energy balances (4) ChemE 330, Thermodynamics (4) ChemE 341, Fluid mechanics (4) ChemE 342, Mass and heat transfer (4) ChemE 343, Separation processes (4) ChemE 344, Reaction engr and des...
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