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Theatre architecture 10/22/09 Every play must have this Two main areas: Audience and stage Stage: Twice the size of the auditorium, grid/counterweight system, wing space (should be 2 times the size of the stage, dressing rooms, must have access to the stage from loading areas and big doors Must have a booth: Places to hang lights, sound, stage manager, lighting positions, and communication systems (to call down to basement) Extras: Scene shop, costume shop, properties shop, sounds studio, trap doors Equipment: Drapes, light, scenery Audience: Access through parking and the lobby (place for patrons to wait before show starts),
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Unformatted text preview: bathrooms, safety such as exit lights and aisles, ADA code for the handicap and impaired, box office that’s easily accessible, acoustics so you can hear whats going on and sounds travels evenly, have to have a view from every seat, have to have comfortable chairs and air conditioning to keep the audience comfortable Theatre size: Big=2000 or larger, medium=600-1400, small=500 or less OSHA: Occupational safety and health act Codes: Exits, fire exits, # of people in facility, fire extinguishers...
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