TA 3 - Rain: Roll bb’s around in a tin and it sounds just...

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Sound 10/29/09 Music: Pre show music gets you in the mood for whats going on During the show music leads you into or out of the intermission Special effects: Atmospheric: Weather reinforces text a visual elements, adds believability to the moment, establishes the time of day Realistic: Use these for realistic plays Non realistic: Used for Dorothy in her dreams so they are not realistic Live sound: sound made during the play Recorded sound: Establishes location, gunshot or storms Sound implementation: Sound props: Wind machine (canvas over a slatted wood drum that turns) Thunder: Big piece of sheet metal Gunshot: Piece of wood slammed against floor Door slam: Miniature door Crash box: Glass in box that they toss to the ground
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Unformatted text preview: Rain: Roll bb’s around in a tin and it sounds just like rain Horse hooves: Two halves of coconuts Sound design process: Read research and read Know show as well as the other designers Come up with a concept with director (mood) Requirements of script and what are the limitations (budget and facility) Sound plot: A detailed plot of where sound devices are set, such as mics and speakers Selection: Sound effect library, designer selects appropriate sound and music Implementation: Setting levels so sound is heard but not distracting Evaluation Other sound considerations: Acoustics: Every structure has own sound peculiarities Environmentally safe sound...
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TA 3 - Rain: Roll bb’s around in a tin and it sounds just...

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