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TA 6 - Oklahoma(1943 First show to smoothly blend story...

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Musical Theatre 11/10/09 America’s contribution to theatre Elements of a musical: Music in the form of music or lyrics Text through spoken words Dance Not realistic Added complexities: The idea/theme/story is communicated by interweaving mediums. Separate mediums must be brought together as a unified whole Sometimes the glitches are more obvious than others Shows are being created by people other than playwrights, they are musical performances based off other storys Director responsible for synthesizing artistic changes Added artists: Composer (composes music), Lyricist, Arranger, Musicians, rehearsal accompanist, choreographer (person who designs the dance), dancers, more egos/ideas/money Musical comedy No No Nanette (1920): Boy meets girl, big tap show
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Unformatted text preview: Oklahoma (1943): First show to smoothly blend story, music, and dance. Based on green grow the lilacs. Western movement, taming the west and bringing civilization West side Story: Based on Romeo and Juliet, heavy emphasis on dance as story telling element, about inner city new York in the 1960’s, tension between gangs, tragedy because people die Musical Drama: Sweeney Todd: By Stephen Sondheim, very dark barber comes for revenge Rock Musical: Uses popular musical forms (Hair, Jesus Christ superstar, and Tommy) Musical theatre: Opera-Operette Types of songs: Overture, Ballads (sad song), Up tempo (after sad ballad), Character (narrative songs about the character), narrative, reprise (repeat)...
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TA 6 - Oklahoma(1943 First show to smoothly blend story...

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