TA 8 - Screen Actors Guild(S.A.G-Film actors union-Film...

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Unions 11/19/09 Why are they necessary? -Hours -Stress/workload -Protection of employees -Salary -Professional Standard League of Resident Theatres (L.O.R.T.) -Systems of rating: A (B’way), B, C (ATC), D -Rating determined by size of theatre and revenue -Guidebook outline necessary breaks, working conditions -Different according to rating -Deputy present during production to ensure rules are followed Actors Equity Association (A.E.A.) -Union for theatre actors and stage managers -Examples of Equity rules: -Equity Actors work in Equity Theatres -Exceptions -Educational -Equity Waiver -Work in non-Equity houses: Educational, Gaslight -Conditions of waiver pay Equity rates and follows Equity working conditions
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-If actors work non-equity without approval could lose their Equity card -Need a certain number of points to get into Equity -Gain Points by -Understanding Equity role -Getting cast in Equity productions -After acquiring certain number or points, apply for membership. -First year initiation around $800.00
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Unformatted text preview: Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.)-Film actors union-Film shoot-SAG extras- $150-$300/ day-Non SAG- $50- $100/day-SAG extras must be provided with meals and suitable resting area-Optional for Non SAG Unites Scenic Artists (USA)-Regulates rates-Ex: Costume Designer- $600.00/rendering-Get USA card in one area-Scenic artist, costume, lighting, scenic design, artisan, sound-Have to take a test and interview-Many people don’t get it the first time-Prestigious-Nationwide-Someone in Tucson would get their card out of L.A.-Yearly Dues IATSE International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (Technicians)-I.A. - Term used for union-MPO- Motion Picture Operator-Tucson Local 415-Each city has its own local-In a Broadway Show:-You can’t open the curtain unless there’s a union man doing it-Must have a minimum of 4 IA members-34 Unions involved with the show-Required number of Union members: Must hire 4 for 4 to 8 hours...
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TA 8 - Screen Actors Guild(S.A.G-Film actors union-Film...

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