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TA 10 - machine process the invention of machine code...

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12/1/09 Theatre automation Scenic technology has existed since the Greeks and Romans Deus Ex Machina: God From the machine Periaktoi: Three sided flat, used to depict several locations Renaissance theatre: The advent of books allow for more ideas to be shared and distributed Sebastiano Serlio: Perspective and tracking knife systems Inigo Jones: Improvement on the design of theatre architecture Noccoli Sabbitini: Detailed description of scenic elements and how they work, revolves, knifed stages, fly systems, mechanical scenery Improving on a concept: Theatre for the last 150-200 years has been improving these ideas to make better scenery Most significant technology of the last 50 years is the advancement of lighting technology Modern advancement: Introduction of the motor Push button for start and stop, allowed movements for large amount of weights Hydraulic and pneumatics movement: Lift very heavy objects, fit into confined spaces. Similar to a car jack you crank it to raise it Introduction of the computer: In the world of industry, computers were integrated into the
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Unformatted text preview: machine process, the invention of machine code allowed precise control of motors and mechanized systems First developed computer system developed by galil in 1983 Automation hits Broadway: Millions of dollars spent on the incorporation of automated technology The control exhibited, changed the world of theatre as we know it Modern automation ideals: Scenery lending to the performance as opposed to distracting from it Aesthetic aid: Fluid movement and control, rapid variability of sequences and movements, programming movements Super human strength: Ability to move great amounts of weight with speed and precision, recorded accuracy The magic factor: Above all other elements discussed there is the presence of a certain characteristic special to automated scenery. The way it moves and flows has been described by many to be intriguing. Simply put they can’t explain it so they deem it “Magic”....
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